Draisine Rally –
The Squats Exercise Game

Draisine Rally The Squats Exercise Game
13th IMGA Global Nominee

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Leg Day – Every Day

Quick workout for home and office, for coffee and commercial breaks

Squats are the king of all exercises!

Doing body weight squats regularly has many health benefits. You will strengthen your lower body, burn calories and reduce your risk of injury. Squats not only build muscle on your lower body, but due to the increased anabolic hormone production you can build muscle more easily on your whole body.

You can do this exercise without any equipment.
You can do this anywhere, at home and at office.
You have time for this, it takes less than 5 minutes.

Even better with Draisine Rally!

Doing body weight squats might feel repetitive and hard.

Navy SEALs have this 40% rule:
When your mind says you're done, you're only 40% done.
You might feel like 40 squats are more than enough, when you could do even 100.

Draisine Rally takes your mind away from the repetitive and hard exercise to finishing the track. Before you know it, you have done even 50 squats. After a while you try that track once more and that's 100 squats right there in just couple of minutes!


Your Squats – Counted

This workout game analyzes the input from the accelerometer of your device and counts your squats automatically.

The faster you move, the faster your handcar moves.
The harder you work, the more will you be rewarded with the credits and a better health.

With the earned credits you can unlock new levels.

Take a Break
from Sitting!

Start squatting!

What our users have to say

"This app is awful. Doesn’t work."
– yourstar702

"Well done, but my knees are too weak for this, son."
– Love, Mom

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